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We’re not here to preach to you about the enormous environmental and cost saving benefits of electric cars. That much is already pretty obvious. Charged is here to make your transition to plug-in power easier and to ensure that you enjoy the ultimate EV experience both now and into the future.


At Charged, we believe in more than emission-free commuting. We will provide you with the tools and infrastructure that will enable you to optimise your EV lifestyle. Allowing you to focus on enjoying the freedom and functionality you desire from your electric vehicle.


Charged draws upon the vast bank of knowledge and experience of a team, who have come together from backgrounds in both the electrical and automotive industries. Our team believe in providing our customers with the world’s leading electric vehicle charging station and the charging management software to match.


We aim to help build the best possible network of private, commercial and public charging solutions. We strive to meet the needs of an ever growing EV market as the automotive world moves to become self-sustained and emission-free.